Throughout the early part of American history, the west was defined by both opportunity and danger.  It represented a place where people could go in hopes of improving their lot in life through hard work and conviction. As early as the 19th century, pioneering women became part of the backbone on the American frontier, learning their way around a lasso and a horse.

Over the next century, the definition of the American Cowgirl has evolved into something much larger, as women of the west have helped shape more than just the homestead. However, the tenacity, focus, and wholehearted commitment they display in how the approach life has not. They are still a force to be reckoned with and a pillar of strength to be admired.

Corral has aimed to capture the soul that is the essence of the cowgirl for over two decades. Our creations are inspired by the untamed spirit, the discipline, the determination, and the bold freedom that is at the heart of every cowgirl. It is that same discipline that emboldens their strength and makes them unstoppable women of influence. They believe in values, in work ethic, and in their word that becomes their character. Rare women of courage and individuality that command their own life with the confidence that comes from knowing oneself fully.

Every story we have captured is aimed at displaying that spirit and each part of the journey is unfolding a deeper layer to the naturally free and still wild heart nature that is the American Cowgirl. Concluding that journey to us, means to be in full awareness of oneself, to understand where you come from, to envision your future with the clarity it takes to dictate your direction.  This journey, through the soul marks an ending and the start to a new beginning and we cannot wait to share what’s to come with you.

Written by Desiree Gustafson.

March 26, 2023 — Daniel Barfoote